Univ. Bremen
Prof. C.

The Global Navigation Satellite System
(S3, elective, 3 ECTS)
Learning Outcomes:
Knowledge and Understanding:

Applying Knowledge and Understanding:
PrerequisitesBasic courses in Physics on mechanics.
ProgramThis consists on (i) the physical requirements regarding the main working principles. Here clocks, the electromagnetic signals propagation in the Earth’s atmosphere, and the targeted accuracy are discussed. In the second step (ii) the theoretical analysis of the whole problem has to be carried through. This includes basic effects of the moving clocks (special relativistic time dilation) and clocks in gravitational fields (gravitational redshift) and the calculation of the position from the clock signals. Moreover, theoretical concepts within geodesy regarding reference surfaces and coordinate systems such as WGS84 will be introduced. In the third part (iii) the technological realization is described.
Description of how the course is conducted
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Adopted TextbooksA list of references will be provided at the start of the semester.
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