Dott. D. Del Moro
Space Science
(S3, elective, 6 ECTS)
Learning Outcomes:Fundamental knowledge on the characteristics of space mission for planetary exploration and Earth or Space observation; on their definition in term of launch, cruise and technical and scientific payloads necessities.
Knowledge and Understanding:
Detailed knowledge of the dynamics of orbital launchers, of circumterrestrial environment physics and its consequences on instrumentation and human crew. – Fair knowledge of the state of the art of relevant missions of astrophysical interest.
Applying Knowledge and Understanding:To be able to define the main properties of a space mission on the basis of the technical and scientific requirements. – To be able to read and understand recent scientific articles about space physics.
PrerequisitesBasic knowledge of general physics and plasma physics.
ProgramSpace mission design – Orbital mechanics – Launch vehicles and propulsion – Physics of the Earth’s space environment – Space history and policies – Space life sciences and human factors Spacecraft payload instrumentation – Earth remote sensing – Planetary exploration – Space telescopes and observatories
Description of how the course is conductedClassroom lectures.
Description of the didactic methodsPower Point presentations, chalkboard and other didactic material
Description of the evaluation methodsDiscussion about a space mission project. Questions on selected program topics.
Adopted Textbooks• Bate, Mueller & White, Fundamentals of Astrodynamics, Dover • Prolls, Physics of the Earth’s Space Environment: An Introduction, Springer • Lecture Notes
Recommended readingsUpdated literature papers on the topics covered by the course are mentioned during the lectures.