Univ. NICE
Prof. B. Chauvineau
(Astrophysics 1:) Relativistic Gravitation and Astrophysics
(S3, elective, 6 ECTS)
Learning Outcomes:Geometric gravity theories (General Relativity and alternatives) …their tools and methods …their applications to astrophysics and cosmology
Knowledge and Understanding:
OBJECTIVES Improving your knowledge in relativity and in some related astrophysical appli-cations.It mainly consists in the acquisition of the skills required in geometric grav-ity and relativistic astrophysics. This Includes mastering the mathematical tools required to be conversant in these fields. Special attention will be paid to exact solutions in General Relativity(GR).
Applying Knowledge and Understanding:See above
PrerequisitesGR lectures
ProgramMathematics Tensorial calculus Curvature Geodesic curves More advanced topics Gravitation theories GR, scalar-tensor gravity and various alternative theories Lagrangian formalismMatter description, stress tensor. Some exact solutions: Schwarzschild, Robertson-Walker, Kasner, axial symmetry, Kerr, …Linearized theory
Description of how the course is conductedFundamental lectures and exercises
Description of the didactic methodsPowerpoints
Description of the evaluation methodsWritten and oral exam THe student investment during the whole period is evaluated too.
Adopted TextbooksAny of General Relativity
Recommended readings