Dott. F. Capaccioni
Planetary Sciences & Space Missions
(S3, elective, 6 ECTS)
Learning Outcomes:The course aims at providing an advanced and update knowledge on planetary science and space missions dedicated to the solar-system exploration. The course will employ observational data from dedicated missions as a starting point to study the main issues relevant to the Planetology: from the study of planetary surfaces and interiors, from atmospheres to magnetospheres, from planetary formation to the definition of planetary environments compatible with the presence of organic compounds. Information from missions will be integrated with the large amount of data obtained from meteorites and other extraterrestrial material and observations from the ground
Knowledge and Understanding:
Students must learn the basic physics and phenomenology necessary to understand the modeling of planetary environment and planetary evolution and to the analysis of data obtained from planetary missions.
Applying Knowledge and Understanding:Students must have adequate skills and tools for communication and information management and must be able to access and understand the scientific bibliography on the subject.
PrerequisitesBasic knowledge of general physics and plasma physics.
ProgramThe solar-system, Planet interiors and surfaces, Atmospheres and magnetospheres, Planetary formation, Planetary environments and organic compounds, Planetary Missions
Description of how the course is conductedClassroom lectures.
Description of the didactic methodsPower Point presentations, chalkboard and other didactic material
Description of the evaluation methodsDiscussion about a planetary mission. Questions on selected program topics.
Adopted TextbooksLecture Notes
Recommended readingsUpdated literature papers on the topics covered by the course are mentioned during the lectures.