Univ. Bremen
Prof. C.

Lämmerzahl, N. Sieroka
Philosophy of Cosmology, Space and Space Travel
(S3, elective, 3 ECTS)
Learning Outcomes:Participants are able to understand the basic notions from the philosophy of the natural sciences (natural law, space, time, infinity, …), basic knowledge of cosmology (e.g. the history of cosmology or extraterrestrial life)
Knowledge and Understanding:

Applying Knowledge and Understanding:
ProgramThis course covers philosophical questions about cosmology and about the exploration of terra incognita related to space. First, we cover the meaning of exploration for mankind in general (exploration of new territories as well as of laws of the physical world and laws in general). Second, we specialize to questions related to space: What is the idea behind a finite or infinite world? What does the exploration of space mean for the “position” of mankind within the Universe, for the world view of human beings? What would it mean for mankind if the search for extraterrestrial life will be successful? In what sense can cosmology missions “uncover” the dynamics of the universe from the Big Bang to the far future? What concept of time is involved here and what counts as evidence and why?
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Adopted TextbooksA list of references will be provided at the start of the semester.
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