Univ. Bremen
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Björn Lüssem
Sensors and Measurement Systems
(S2, elective, 6 ECTS)
Learning Outcomes:After this course, students should be able to:
– name and explain important sensors,
– apply characterization parameters for sensors,
– choose sensors for a given application and apply them,
– understand micromachining technologies for sensors.
Knowledge and Understanding:

Applying Knowledge and Understanding:
PrerequisitesElectrical Engineering
ProgramBasics of Sensors
– Thermal Sensors
– Sensor Technology
– Force and Pressure Sensors
– Inertial Sensors
– Magnetic Sensors
– Flow Sensors
Description of how the course is conducted– Contact hours (lecture + exercise): 56 h (4 h x 14 weeks)
– Preparation, learning, exercises: 56 h (4 h x 14 weeks)
– Preparation for exam: 68 h
Total working hours: 180 h
Description of the didactic methods
Description of the evaluation methods
Oral exam
Adopted TextbooksWill be announced in the respective course.
Recommended readings