Prof. M. Migliaccio

co-lecturer Dr. G. Puglisi
(S1, compulsory, 6 ECTS)
Learning OutcomesThe course of study aims to provide advanced preparation of Physics, with knowledge of specialized subjects of recent research in Physics, in particular in the area of Astrophysics. The educational objectives of this course include advanced knowledge of the main electromagnetic processes relevant in Astrophysics.
Knowledge and Understanding
Students must have a clear understanding of the most important theories of modern physics and related experimental problems. They must also have a good knowledge of the state of the art in at least one of the specializations currently present in physics. The verification of knowledge and understanding is done through practical and oral tests.
Applying Knowledge and UnderstandingStudents must be able to identify all the essential elements of a complex physical problem and know how to model them, making the necessary approximations and recognizing the limits of validity.
PrerequisitesBasic courses in Physics on mechanics, electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, special relativity.
ProgramFundamentals of radiative transfer. Thermal radiation. The Einstein coefficients. Basic Theory of the radiation fields. Radiation from moving charges. Potential of Lienard Wiechart. Thomson scattering. Relativistic covariance and kinematics. Bremsstrahlung. Synchrotron radiation. Compton scattering. Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect.
Description of how the course is conductedTaught Class
Description of the didactic methodsLessons attendance is not mandatory but strongly recommended.
Description of the evaluation methodsThe evaluation of the learning is done with an oral exam. The exam, of about one hour, includes three or four questions on different topics of the course with open answers. The final grade is the average of the grades assigned to each answer.
Adopted TextbooksRadiative Processes in Astrophysics, Rybicki and Lightman, ISBN 0471827592
Recommended readings