Prof. G. M. de Divitiis
(S1, compulsory, 8 ECTS)
Learning OutcomesStudents must gain a thorough understanding of quantum mechanics and its basic principles. In particular, at the end of the course, they will have to be familiar with 1) the link between conserved quantities and symmetries in quantum mechanics, 2) path integral, 3) scattering theory and 4) relativistic quantum mechanics.
Knowledge and Understanding
In addition to knowing the topics listed in the learning outcomes, students will also need to understand how these are constructed starting from the basic principles of quantum mechanics and the empirical data. The verification of knowledge and understanding is done through practical and theoretical, written and, if required, oral tests.
Applying Knowledge and UnderstandingStudents will acquire the ability to put into practice the knowledge acquired to solve quantum mechanical problems related to the topics listed in the learning outcomes.
PrerequisitesBasic knowledge of quantum mechanics
ProgramFundamental principles of quantum mechanics and understanding thereof. Symmetries and conserved quantities in quantum mechanics. Path integral and its use for the semiclassical expansion and the classical limit. Potential scattering. Stationary states. Wave packets. Cross section. Partial waves. Optical theorem. Lippmann-Schwinger equation. Born series. Relativistic quantum mechanics and some applications to particle physics.
Description of how the course is conductedThe course includes classes using the blackboard. Educational material will also be provided for further study after the classes
Description of the didactic methodsAlthough optional, it is highly recommended to attend the classes and interact with the teacher, if required.
Description of the evaluation methodsThe course the student assessment includes a written test in which, through some questions, the knowledge and understanding of the topics covered and the ability to put them into practice to solve quantum mechanical problems will be verified. If requested, students will take an oral test.
Adopted Textbooks“Lectures on Quantum Mechanics”, S. Weinberg, Cambridge University Press “The Path Integral approach to Quantum Mechanics”, R. Rattazzi: https://userswww.pd.in
Recommended readings