Univ. Bremen
Prof. Dr. C. Lämmerzahl, PD Dr. E. Hackmann, PD Dr. V. Perlick, Dr. D. Philipp
General Relativity
(S3, elective, 9 ECTS)
Learning Outcomes:Students get insight into modern aspects and applications of General Relativity.
Knowledge and Understanding:

Applying Knowledge and Understanding:
PrerequisitesLecture on General Relativity is beneficial
ProgramThe formalism of General Relativity will be further worked out with the following topics
– theory of congruences, geodesic deviation,
Raychaudhury equation, evolution laws of kinematical quantities
– dynamics of extended particles
– the physics of stationary space-times, gravitational potentials, multipole expansion
– definition of mass
– ppN formalism
– spinors and the Dirac equation in curved Space-time
Description of how the course is conducted– Contact hours (lecture + exercise): 56 h (4 h x 14 weeks)
– Preparation, learning, exercises: 56 h (4 h x 14 weeks)
– Preparation for exam: 68 h
Total working hours: 180 h
Description of the didactic methods
Description of the evaluation methods
Written exam, oral exam, or study work
Adopted Textbooks– Ch. W. Misner, K. S. Thorne, and J.A. Wheeler:
Gravitation, Freeman and Co., San Francisco 1973
– Robert M. Wald: General Relativity, University of Chicago Press, Chicago 1984.
– J. Ehlers: Beiträge zur relativistischen Kinematik
kontinuierlicher Medien, Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur, Mainz, 1961.
Recommended readings