Univ. Cote d’Azur (Nice)
Prof. Ph. Bendjoya
Experimental Astrophysics and data processing
(S2, elective, 3 ECTS)
– offered from A.Y. 2024/2025
Learning Outcomes:Astrophysics consists in extracting physical parameters from observation of an astronomical object in order to constraint theoretical models that will explain the mechanisms responsible of the observations. These models will allows to understand the origin, evolution, interaction and fates of the observed objects. Each observation can feed databases that will statically constrain the physical models. This course is dedicated to perform an astrophysical observation from A to Z both in photometry and spectroscopy. On-sky observations will be made with the C2PU telescopes at Calern observatory.
Knowledge and Understanding:
-Understand how to prepare and perform an astronomical observation. -How to pass from raw observation to science data . -How to perform aperture photometry and build lightcurves. -How to extract a 1D calibrated spectrum from a raw 2D image -Perform model fitting -Develop a critical view on the results
Applying Knowledge and Understanding:The project will consist of three steps: Introduction to astrophysical objects : asteroid, exoplanet, stellar clusters, stars Introduction to CCD camera, data reduction, aperture photometry, spectra extraction and model fitting. Training will be performed on archive data Personal observation using the telescope facility at C2PU (Centre for Pedagogy Planets and Universe) consisting in two 1m telescopes with CCD cameras and spectrographs.
PrerequisitesOptics (telescope, spectrographs). Python programming.
Program8 hours theoretical courses on astronomical objects, CCD cameras, telescopes and spectrographs. 8 hours training work on archive data 8 hours personal project.
Description of how the course is conductedMoodle at disposal with videos, slides, articles, practice of tools and codes. (quizz plus optional training exercises are available).
Description of the didactic methodsLectures, exercises training work and project
Description of the evaluation methodsreport on training work and personal project
Adopted Textbooksnone
Recommended readings